Hiring a Greeley Process Server

Steps you should consider when hiring a Greeley process server.

- Verify your Greeley Colorado process server’s credentials. Given that there is NO licensing or other overseeing authority within Colorado for the Process Serve business it is important for you to verify that whomever you choose to serve your documents is certified in some fashion. We are licensed private investigators serving the Greeley Process Service business needs of our community.=

- Verify that the process server has proper Bonding or Insurance. Remember Insurance protects the Process Server, Bonding protects YOU the consumer. At Greeley Process Servers we are fully bonded as well we are licensed Colorado Private Investigators.

- Conduct your own due diligence investigation on the process serve company by doing an Internet search for the company’s name and any ‘complaints’. This allows you to discover if they have unsatisfied clients and if so, what steps they have done to rectify the situation.

-Ask about their experience, how long they have been conducting serves, what areas of expertise they have and their service history. Keep in mind that a 100% success rate for process serving is not realistic.

- Consider the fees and ask about additional costs for multiple attempts and mileage. Remember that you get what you pay for, and standard cost for a non-rush is fairly inexpensive when you consider what is being performed. When comparing companies make sure you compare “Apples to Apples” One company may charge a LOW upfront fee, but add mileage, extra trip fees, printing fees, etc. Greeley Process Servers offer a single fee for each level, Standard, Rush and Same-Day ANY WHERE IN NORTHERN COLORADO in our service area which includes Greeley Process Serves, Loveland Process Serves and Fort Collins Process Serves. We do not try to nickel and dime you along the way with trip fees, mileage fees, bad address fees, etc.

- Do not give the process server the only copy of your documents! They do not need the originals to serve in most cases. At the very least keep a copy of the originals for yourself so you know what was supposed to have been served. It is very important that you maintain your own records.

- We offer competitive pricing for all serves within our general service area including Greeley Colorado, Fort Collins, Colorado and Loveland Colorado. Our service areas also include towns such as Evans, Windsor, Johnstown, Milliken, Lasalle, Platteville, Gilcrest, Ault, Eaton, La Salle, La Porte, Wellington, LaPorte, Severance , Berthoud, Longmont and surrounding areas.

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