Greeley Process Server News!

Process Servers Trump Local Sheriffs and Constables

Civil process service is an integral component of due process and of our legal systems, and we rely on others to serve process in order to ensure that every person’s right to due process is upheld. In many states across the country, civil process service can be completed by anyone over the age of 18 and who is not a party to court proceedings. Although there are some states in which civil process service can only be served by a sheriff, constable, marshal, or bailiff, there are many states that allow its people their choice of private process server, sheriff, constable, marshal, or bailiff. Here are a few reasons why, when given a choice, you should always opt for a private process server:

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Process Server Sent to Apartment, discovers a squatter

DENVER (CBS4) – Kathy Worley has been a property manager for 20 years. She is well acquainted with the eviction process but says she is filing an eviction like no other.

Worley says she let a tenant out of his lease at an Indian Hills apartment and then found another man living inside.

Worley, who owns Alpha Dimensions Properties, says the squatter told her that he knew the past tenant.

“He had given the past tenant money and that created a residency there,” said Worley.

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Greeley Process Server News!

Former Morgan County process server accused of arranging the sale of prescription drugs…. Read More ….

Process Server identified himself and informed Defendant he was being served. Defendant then allegedly slammed the door in the Process Server’s face. The process server then informed Defendant he had been officially served and would be leaving the paperwork at the door. Moments later, Defendant came out of the home armed with a gun and demanded the process server leave the premises immediately… Read More….

Process Server claims he was “grabbed, yanked, pulled and choked” Now files lawsuit! Read More…..


Process Servers in the News

Process Server accused of Verbal Abuse

Attorneys for the widow of Bud Yorkin, producer of such television series as “All in the Family,” “Good Times” and “Maude,” say a verbally abusive process server tried and failed to serve a lawsuit brought by the producer’s oldest daughter that alleges elder abuse by her stepmother.

Nicole Yorkin alleges in a lawsuit filed July 5 in Los Angeles Superior Court that Cynthia Sikes Yorkin convinced her husband before he died to amend the family trust and deprive the plaintiff of a beloved painting. Cynthia Yorkin, 62, played Dr. Annie Cavanero on the “St. Elsewhere” television series.

But in court papers filed last Friday, lawyers for Cynthia Yorkin allege Nicole Yorkin’s court papers falsely state that her stepmother was personally served with her complaint and a summons. The defense lawyers state that a process server went to the defendant’s Los Angeles home…..

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Supreme Court dismisses Process Server from service

THE Supreme Court has dismissed from service a process server in Iloilo City for his violation of the laws in serving court orders.

A court process server is the individual tasked to deliver documents to parties involved in court proceedings. This can include subpoenas, complaints and court orders.

The Court in its session last Tuesday ordered the dismissal of former Iloilo Regional Trial Court branch 35 process server Eric Caldito, after it found him guilt of “grave misconduct, falsification and dishonesty.”

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Officials charged with evidence tampering and a government document involving a process server

.An appointed prosecutor is challenging a judge’s decision to toss tampering charges against two high-ranking Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies.

Visiting Judge Stephen Ables set aside charges against Chief Deputy Tim Smith and Sgt. John Chad Kolander after their attorneys on Aug. 15 argued the indictments were too vague.

Smith and Kolander were charged with tampering with physical evidence and a government document involving a process server who tried to serve a district judge with a lawsuit in open court three years ago.

 Smith and Kolander were accused of lying about how they obtained evidence against the process server and of rewriting a search warrant after another deputy had already taken the evidence home.

The May 11 indictments, however, were not as specific.

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Process servers in the news

Process Server serve disputed

Chris Brown is disputing the claims of a process server who alleges he personally served the singer with a copy of a lawsuit filed by the life coach hired to help rehabilitate the entertainer’s image after his 2009 domestic abuse of Rihanna, and he wants the summons invalidated.

Mike G sued the singer on June 23 in Los Angeles Superior Court for allegedly beating him up on May 10, just days before Brown was to leave for a European tour.

Although Mike G thought he was having a routine talk with Brown about the tour, Brown instead took him into a room and punched him four times in the face and neck, the suit alleges. The plaintiff says that while he had to go to the hospital to be treated, Brown allegedly showed no remorse and boasted to others about the attack.

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Process Server repeatedly shows up to serve papers

…. Court records show that a process server repeatedly showed up, and the Kahns ultimately had no choice but to vacate their home of six years. Her 22-year-old daughter subsequently moved into a small back porch room in a neighboring city. Her 19-year-old son crashed on couches. Kahn, meanwhile, moved into her black 1995 Camry station wagon – where she has been sleeping ever since, often stationed in Walmart parking lots…..

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Process server unintentionally served and unsealed notice of application and affidavit

On July 26th, 2016, the Supreme Court of British Columbia released an interesting decision that addresses questions regarding: (1) the scope of privilege that applies to work done by lawyers in relation to judicial proceedings; and (2) the interpretation of BC’s Privacy Act with respect to the requirements of “wilfulness”

In Duncan v. Lessing, 2016 BCSC 1386, the issue centered on claims brought by an individual, Mr. Duncan, against Mr. Lessing, a lawyer that represented Duncan’s former wife in family litigation between the two parties. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant lawyer breached his privacy: (1) in the course of serving application materials; and (2) through the conveyance of information about the plaintiff in a casual conversation with another lawyer.

The first alleged breach of privacy concerned prior litigation between the plaintiff and his former wife. In the course of bringing an action against the plaintiff, the defendant’s process server unintentionally served an unsealed notice of application and affidavit on several companies not party to the litigation. The plaintiff contended that these documents contained information of circumstances between the couple which were private, including tax returns and a pre-nuptial agreement.

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Process Server threatened during serve!

Process Server Threatened!

David Rucki reportedly threatened two people in one courtroom last week, even as his ex-wife is on trial for keeping his kids away from him in another courtroom in the same courthouse.

Rucki, who was in court fighting off contempt of court charges stemming from his divorce, allegedly threatened a process server and his ex-wife’s divorce attorney on Wednesday.

The process server, Michael Rhedin, who is his ex-wife’s former boyfriend, served Rucki with a subpoena to force the testimony of his daughter, Gianna, who is a minor.

Rhedin said he served Rucki to compel Gianna’s testimony because Rucki’s oldest daughter, Samantha, could not be found and her work told him she was off for the duration of the trial.

When Rhedin served Rucki, he said Rucki threw the subpoena back at him and followed him out of the courtroom.

Rucki then demanded that Rhedin come closer to him and threatened to start a fight.


Video shows a process server attempting to give Sharpton Papers

Black Lives Matter advocates have been served with a lawsuit accusing them of inciting a race war, but defendant Al Sharpton says he has tried to preach a message of peace between blacks, whites and police officers.

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Union VP Accused Of Assaulting Process Server 

The vice president of a union representing two million members has been accused of assaulting a process server at his Kensington home, and intimidating a police officer investigating the incident.

Dave Regan is accused of pushing a process server down the steps of his Kensington home, refusing to be served legal documents in a dispute with the California Hospital Association.

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