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Process Servers Trump Local Sheriffs and Constables

Civil process service is an integral component of due process and of our legal systems, and we rely on others to serve process in order to ensure that every person’s right to due process is upheld. In many states across the country, civil process service can be completed by anyone over the age of 18 and who is not a party to court proceedings. Although there are some states in which civil process service can only be served by a sheriff, constable, marshal, or bailiff, there are many states that allow its people their choice of private process server, sheriff, constable, marshal, or bailiff. Here are a few reasons why, when given a choice, you should always opt for a private process server:

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Process Server Sent to Apartment, discovers a squatter

DENVER (CBS4) – Kathy Worley has been a property manager for 20 years. She is well acquainted with the eviction process but says she is filing an eviction like no other.

Worley says she let a tenant out of his lease at an Indian Hills apartment and then found another man living inside.

Worley, who owns Alpha Dimensions Properties, says the squatter told her that he knew the past tenant.

“He had given the past tenant money and that created a residency there,” said Worley.

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Greeley Process Server News!

Former Morgan County process server accused of arranging the sale of prescription drugs…. Read More ….

Process Server identified himself and informed Defendant he was being served. Defendant then allegedly slammed the door in the Process Server’s face. The process server then informed Defendant he had been officially served and would be leaving the paperwork at the door. Moments later, Defendant came out of the home armed with a gun and demanded the process server leave the premises immediately… Read More….

Process Server claims he was “grabbed, yanked, pulled and choked” Now files lawsuit! Read More…..