Process Server often goes to great lengths to deliver court papers….

Process servers: Wealthy homeowners able to skirt the law

You’d like to think everyone plays by the same rules when it comes to enforcing the law.

But that might not be the case, according to Mark Shaw, a Valley process server who often goes to great lengths to deliver court papers.

“Sometimes it’s a cat and mouse game,” said Shaw. “You need to be there when someone is leaving for work, or when they’re coming home from work.”

A number of high-end gated communities in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are doing all they can to keep process servers from coming in and delivering orders of protection, restraining orders, even eviction notices.

“I’ll tell them I’ve got a foreclosure notice here, and they say ‘sorry, still can’t let you in,'” said Shaw. “If you have enough money to shield yourself from service of process, you can avoid going to court for everything from photo radar all the way up to divorce.”

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Process Server SHOT AT – Colorado rules for Process Servers – Special Process Servers PROHIBITED in Cook County

Man shoots at civil process server

Deputies were called at 10:50 p.m. Tuesday to the 4300 block of Salem Bottom Road in Westminster on a report of gunshots fired at an individual.

The victim, a civil process server, told police he had arrived at the home in order to serve civil paperwork on the suspect and identified himself as such.

The victim said he was told to leave and saw the man, identified as Christian Shenk, 41, leave the garage with what appeared to be a rifle, authorities said.

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Rule 4. Process; Rule 5. Service and Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers; Rule 121 – Section 1-26; COLORADO RULES OF COUNTY COURT CIVIL PROCEDURE Rule 304. Service of Process; Rule 305.5 Electronic Filing and Serving….

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Special Process Servers prohibited in Cook County

Orders of Protection Process (HB 3161/PA 99-0240): Prohibits a special process server from being appointed in Cook County if the order of protection to be served grants the surrender of a child, the surrender of a firearm or firearm owner’s identification card, or the exclusive possession of a shared residence.

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Process Server receives award – Face the music – Process Server unable to find agent

Arizona Process Server Nominated for 2016 BBB Torch Award

Superior Process Services Recognized for High Ethical Standards

Arizona process server Superior Process Services, Inc. was recently nominated for the Better Business Bureau 2016 Torch Awards for Ethics.

Superior Process Services (, located at 7701 E Indian School Rd #E in Scottsdale, was nominated for the award for demonstrating integrity and a strong commitment to ethical practices in all areas of the business.

To be nominated, a company must display a high level of trust among stakeholders, from employees to customers and the surrounding community. The torch award is open to any business in Central, Northern and Western Arizona in good standing with the BBB. BBB accreditation is not required, though Superior Process Services has been BBB accredited since 2006.

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Process server unable to find company’s agent

Despite several attempts, a process server has failed to locate Jina Yoo, the registered agent of a company that has $224,585 in a savings account that is currently the subject of a dispute among former business partners.

Rainaldo S. Agulto, a process server in both local and federal cases for 16 years, stated in his declaration filed in federal court on Tuesday that he has been attempting to serve Yoo, the registered agent for Universal Group Development, Inc.

Agulto said he visited the only known business location of Universal Group on several occasions, going on different days of the week, including the weekend,

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Face the Music – Process Servers & Local Band

There is no good time to be served a lawsuit, but some moments are better than others.  You do not want to be out on a date, listening to a local band and receive service of process.  The best time to face the music starts when the process server first appears.

Service of Process is personal delivery of notice that a lawsuit is filed against you, and an invitation for you to respond.  It is the court’s way of gaining jurisdiction over a matter and making sure that everyone involved is informed.

While it may not be good news for you, it is better than no news.  Nobody wants a surprise lawsuit with no chance at defense.  Furthermore, the faster you address the issue, the sooner it can start to be resolved.

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Court documents not properly served – Process server claims intimidation by DA’s office

The Fourth District Court of Appeal is tired of repeatedly addressing the same issues from homeowners looking to prove they weren’t properly served court documents in foreclosure cases.

A Fourth DCA panel Wednesday upheld Palm Beach Circuit Senior Judge Eli Breger’s finding that certified process server Timothy Toomey followed state law when he served a foreclosure lawsuit on homeowners Irma and David Davidian.

But the court took an extra step in its critique.

Bridgette Mentz came to the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center on Dec. 3, her 8-month-old baby in tow, to record a mortgage document and serve a summons and complaint on an assistant district attorney — tasks she had undertaken for Legal Wings Inc., a legal process/filing service co-owned by her father.

But Mentz found herself detained by a deputy as she tried to leave the courthouse, an experience that intimidated her and made her frightened for herself and her infant son, she said in a pleading filed in federal court earlier this month.

The assistant district attorney she was trying to serve, Julie Knight, had been named as a defendant in a federal civil rights lawsuit that, ironically, is being pursued by another process server…

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Greeley, Loveland & Fort Collins Process Server News!

WA: Father of teen in fatal school shooting guilty of gun charges

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“The jury obviously believed the affidavit of the process server who is dead,” Browne said. “They obviously must have believed that, otherwise, …

7 Ways to Prevent an Accounting Malpractice Suit

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Losing a client, however, pales in comparison to that emptiness in the gut you will get when a process server delivers a complaint against you …

Process server unable to locate Chinese businessman despite

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Despite several attempts, a process server has failed to locate Mingnan Jin, a Chinese businessman who has been dragged into a legal battle …