Man arrested for attempting to arrest Process Server! you’ve been virtually SERVED!

Citizen sentenced for attempted ‘citizen’s arrest’

A man who tried to make a citizen’s arrest of his girlfriend and a process server who handed him court documents on March 31 was sentenced to two and a half years on probation Tuesday.

Charles William Tefft, 43, has a history of emotional, mental and depression issues, according to defense attorney Ron Gilleo, who told Judge Lee Jantzen that Tefft suffered from “built-up anxiety” on the day a Mohave County process server delivered court papers to his home in the 3100 block of Northfield Avenue.

The process server called Tefft ahead of time and told him he was coming over, and Tefft reportedly agreed, but when the man arrived Tefft yelled at the man and attempted to place him in handcuffs. Tefft’s girlfriend, according to Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies, ran outside and tried to pull Tefft away from the man when he threw her to the ground and cuffed her to the man’s seatbelt.


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In March 2015, Ms. Baidoo wanted a divorce; however, neither she nor her attorney could locate Mr. Blood-Dzraku to serve him with a divorce summons in order to initiate divorce proceedings. Id. at *5. The last address Ms. Baidoo had for her husband was from 2011, and when she had spoken with him, Mr. Blood-Dzraku informed his wife that he had no fixed address and no place of employment. Id. Equally frustrating, the post office had no forwarding address for Mr. Blood-Dzraku, and the New York Department of Motor Vehicles had no record of him either. Id. Eventually, Ms. Baidoo’s attorney hired an investigation firm, which also was unable to locate Mr. Blood-Dzraku. Id. Running out of options, Ms. Baidoo petitioned the Supreme Court of New York, New York County for permission to serve her husband with the divorce summons through Facebook – and only Facebook. Id.


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