Process servers: Wealthy homeowners able to skirt the law

You’d like to think everyone plays by the same rules when it comes to enforcing the law.

But that might not be the case, according to Mark Shaw, a Valley process server who often goes to great lengths to deliver court papers.

“Sometimes it’s a cat and mouse game,” said Shaw. “You need to be there when someone is leaving for work, or when they’re coming home from work.”

A number of high-end gated communities in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are doing all they can to keep process servers from coming in and delivering orders of protection, restraining orders, even eviction notices.

“I’ll tell them I’ve got a foreclosure notice here, and they say ‘sorry, still can’t let you in,'” said Shaw. “If you have enough money to shield yourself from service of process, you can avoid going to court for everything from photo radar all the way up to divorce.”

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