An interesting scam that we heard of over here at Greeley Process Server. No, this is not how process servers work and no they will never try to take or receive money from defendants we serve papers to. If you receive a call like this, 100% chance that it is a scam. Especially out of the blue.
But enjoy the story where a scammer impersonates a Process Server and calls a Sheriff’s Deputy.

Sonora, CA — A phone scammer targeted the wrong individual as he dialed a Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Deputy’s cell.

A voicemail left from an unknown number by a man claiming to be a process server named Tony Clark stated that a private courier would be delivering sealed documents to him. It went on to say that the deputy would need a California ID and sign for the papers while instructing him to also call this number 800-332-1758 and to consider himself notified.

Suspicious, the deputy went online and found the number’s history was linked to several reported scams, but called to investigate. The swindler told him his wife was being sued for collection on a home security system that had installed, which the deputy knew was a lie but continued talking to the impostor. The crook suggested that the collection was a transfer from a different “Parrish” to this county and his wife needed to call as the debt must get paid.

The deputy hung up. Sheriff’s officials advises the public to do the same as this is a scam and note never give personal information to someone unknown in person, over the phone or online.