What do I need to do after I file my divorce papers with the court?

You are responsible for properly getting a copy of the Summons and the Complaint to your spouse. You are in charge of getting your spouse served, not the court. There are two ways to get the papers served:

  • In person Delivery/Service (Divorce Process Server typically) OR
  • In some cases by certified mail, return receipt requested. Though not recommended in most all situations and must be approved in Court in the State of Colorado.

Who can hand-deliver the papers to my spouse?

Anyone who is 18+ can serve your spouse papers except for you and other parties involved in the case.

  • It may be an acquaintance, but you may suffer from their lack of experience and legal understanding.
  • You may also hire someone to do it, but we recommend you hire a Professional Process Server. Especially if you don’t know where they are living now or have no contact with them.

What is a Divorce Process Server?

Professional Divorce Process Servers are individuals who deliver the documents from a court case to the other party. This person will have the experience and training to deal with people who may be difficult and try to avoid service. Experienced Process Servers can locate people who are hard to find (skip trace)and most importantly, they know all the laws about service of process including what can and can’t be done, and what needs to be done for each serve. Every state, including Colorado, has different requirements that must be followed or it could cost you money or even the case.

Serving divorce paperwork must be done properly or you will be back at square one; having to file new papers and pay additional filing fees. By using a professional and proven process server you can avoid the mistakes that untrained people make with service of process.

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