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Process Serving in the News – March 13th

Former Miami Football Star Evaded 50 Serves Until Process Server Went to Get an Autograph A process server finally managed to hand deliver a Broward County lawsuit to former University of Miami star Sapp during an undercover operation. South Florida process servers went to Sapp’s Hollywood beachfront condo and elsewhere in the area more than 50 times…


Unscrupulous Private Process Server in Tennessee

In an article by John North of WBIR, a private process server caused much alarm within Knox County, TN after allegedly causing a great disturbance in the night at a residence in which he was serving. And other cases have happened in the past where, “Someone doing private service goes in, pretends to be law…


California Process Serve Scam

An interesting scam that we heard of over here at Greeley Process Server. No, this is not how process servers work and no they will never try to take or receive money from defendants we serve papers to. If you receive a call like this, 100% chance that it is a scam. Especially out of…


The Importance of Adequate Process Serving

Some serves have much more at stake than others. Every serve is important because they are something our clients trust us with, but some serves are a part of cases that total in the thousands of dollars and adequate means of service are absolutely necessary for every job. Today we are showcasing a case that happened…


Tragic Case in Austin Texas

Sometimes we have to have a sober mindset with our line of work. It’s a job and something that we can be really good at, but there is occasionally a bit of uncertainty with this line of work. There have been cases (even recently) where processes servers have guns pulled on them, they are chased…