Legal claim: Police falsely arrested man serving false arrest notice

Steven Cook – @ByStevenCook – 

The Daily Gazette

A man who was trying to serve papers on the city in a lawsuit that claimed false arrest was himself falsely arrested by police, according to a notice filed recently with the city.

Matthew Spargo, 21, of East Barne, was working in March as a process server with Servico Inc., a company that specializes in serving legal documents.

Process serving is such an interesting field to work in. There are so many things that we get to experience while in this line of work. It’s fulfilling because we know we are aiding the legal process of this great nation. Process serving is “one legal step in the process to make the defendants aware of the proceedings and complaint.” It is a vital process within the whole system. And it doesn’t matter who is being served. No one is above the law and Greeley Process Server is happy to be a part of it.

This is a telling story and it sounds like it will go well for the young process server there.

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