The Benefits of Hiring a Private Process Server Over the Sheriff’s Office for Process Serving

When it comes to legally notifying individuals of their involvement in a court process, the service of process must be performed in a timely and legally compliant manner. Traditionally, the sheriff’s office has been responsible for serving legal documents. However, private process servers have become increasingly popular due to the specialized and efficient service they offer. Here are the benefits of hiring a private process server compared to delegating this essential task to the sheriff’s office.

1. Speed of Service

Private process servers tend to offer quicker service than the sheriff’s office. Because process serving is their primary business, they often serve papers immediately upon hiring. Sheriffs, by contrast, have numerous responsibilities and duties beyond serving papers, which can lead to delays. For urgent legal matters, the speed of a private process server can be a decisive advantage.

2. Flexibility and Persistence

Private process servers are typically available outside of regular business hours, providing flexibility that can be critical when serving documents to individuals who are often only available during evenings or weekends. Furthermore, if a person avoids being served, a private server is likely to be more persistent, employing various legal tactics and dedicating more time to ensure that the service is completed.

3. Specialization and Experience

Process serving companies specialize in the act of serving legal documents and often have extensive experience in dealing with evasive recipients. Their employees are trained in the nuanced laws of process serving and are adept at handling and overcoming the challenges that might arise during service.

4. Geographic Reach

Many private process servers offer services across county and state lines or even internationally. While sheriff’s departments are constrained to their local jurisdiction, private process servers can ensure the delivery of documents to recipients who are out of the local area or have moved to an unknown location.

5. Knowledge of Local Laws

Every jurisdiction has its rules regarding how legal documents should be served. Private process servers ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, which is particularly important if a case crosses jurisdictions.

6. Detailed Proof of Service

Private process servers provide detailed reports and affidavits of service to ensure that the court and the hiring party have a thorough record of the attempt and completion of the service. In cases where proof of service comes into question, these detailed records can be invaluable and may not be as thoroughly provided by a sheriff’s department.

7. Accountability and Customer Service

Process serving firms are businesses that rely on customer satisfaction and repeat clients. They tend to offer superior customer service, focusing on client communication and providing status updates regarding the service of process. This level of accountability ensures that the clients are well-informed throughout the entire process, which can be particularly reassuring for time-sensitive or highly contentious cases.

8. Cost Efficiency

While the fee for using the sheriff’s office may sometimes seem lower, the added efficiency and potential reduction in litigation costs due to the quick and correct service from a private server can be of higher value. A botched or delayed service by an overloaded sheriff’s office could result in higher expenses in the long run, due to court delays or the necessity to re-serve papers.

9. Specialized Services

Private process servers often offer additional related services, including skip tracing, asset searches, stakeout services, and notary public services, offering a one-stop solution for some litigation support needs. This can streamline the process for law firms or individuals who require these additional services.

10. Professionalism and Training

To remain competitive, private process servers must uphold a high level of professionalism and often engage in continuous training. This professional development keeps them updated on the best practices and latest changes in the law, ensuring that the service of process is not just done but done right.


Choosing a private process server over the sheriff’s office to deliver legal documents can be a strategic decision. The specialization, speed, flexibility, and nationwide network that private process servers offer can significantly benefit legal proceedings and client satisfaction. While both options are legally viable, for most cases, the advantages of a private process server make them the preferred choice for many legal professionals and individuals seeking to expedite and ensure their process serving needs.

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