In an article by John North of WBIR, a private process server caused much alarm within Knox County, TN after allegedly causing a great disturbance in the night at a residence in which he was serving. And other cases have happened in the past where, “Someone doing private service goes in, pretends to be law enforcement or even a SWAT team member and confronts someone at their home over something like a small claims lawsuit for property damage.”

“Terrifying people in the middle of the night because they’ve got a medical bill is inappropriate and unfortunate and uncalled for,” Cerny told 10News. “That’s not reasonable.”

In reaction to this scare, “an order signed Tuesday by Knox County General Sessions Court Judge Chuck Cerny halts civilians from performing private process and directs that the work go exclusively to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.”

Cerny said Thursday most private process servers do fine work. In fact, some private process servers work directly for lawyers; they’re known by the court and respected by the court.

Others, however, are unethical, he said. They use shakedown and scare tactics.

And there it is folks. It does matter who you hire for your process serves. Some companies will do anything to seemingly get the job done but they do it in unethical and unscrupulous ways that just create more harm and lack of trust within the industry. There are ways that process servers can be successful in their serves that don’t require using scare tactics and questionable maneuvers. Hiring a company that does the hard work to do it right is, in fact, the best way for you to move forward.

Imagine if only the Sheriff office was allowed to do this kind of work? It would complicate your business to a great extent (though this is an extreme and unlikely event to happen elsewhere). Private Process Servers, when they perform in accordance with the best practices and guidelines will always be the best option for your serves.

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