Why Should I Hire a Fort Collins Process Server?

We have been providing professional process service to Northern Colorado since 2008. Our process servers are professional and experienced process servers who have been conducting legal service of process in the Greeley, Fort Collins, and Loveland areas for many years. Besides our years of service in the area, each of our process servers also has a vast knowledge of the laws regarding process serving in Colorado. We are focused on getting your process Serve done in a timely and efficient manner the first time. With our automated Process Serve System, you can rest assured that Greeley Process Server LLC is on the job, looking after your best interest.

Can’t The Sheriffs Office Do My Process Serve?

The simple answer is yes, the Sheriffs office may be able to handle your process serve. BUT Here are some things you should keep in mind regarding hiring a local Process Server such as Greeley Process Server vs. hiring the Sheriff’s department.

You should remember that a process server should be experienced in serving legal documents efficiently, effectively, and within the bounds of the laws here in Colorado. More importantly, professional process servers must be knowledgeable of the legislation surrounding the service of process in Colorado and the Greeley area.

There are several requirements and constraints associated with serving legal documents. If the service is not performed following the law, this can hinder your case from going forward or result in the dismissal of your case.

Greeley Process Server LLCSheriffs Department
✔ SPEED OF SERVICEDeputies Run of
Schedule /  Affidavit Snail-Mailed
✔ CUSTOMER SERVICEDoes not provide updates
✔ LOGICAL SERVICE TIMES Run of schedule (usually daytime hours)
✔ KNOWLEDGE OF LAWS Dependent on Each Deputies Knowledge
✔ 98%+ SUCCESS RATE Lower success rate due to mostly weekday and day time attempts

* Greeley Process Server makes service attempts at logical times, even in the evening and on weekends, when it makes sense for the respondent to be present.

* Our success rate for process serves with a good address is OVER 98%. And for those situations where the address is not valid, we offer a competitive rate on skip traces and locates.

* You can call or email us anytime to request an update on your serve. And when we complete the job we email you an affidavit that you can present to the court in a timely manner.


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Our Promise to You

In a world full of promises, guarantees are hard to find. At Greeley Process Server LLC, whether you are looking for a Greeley Process Server, a Fort Collins Process Server, or a Loveland Process Server we guarantee Commitment and Quality.

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  • Quality results in a timely manner!
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